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How Much is Enough?

Rev'd Elijah White

A parishioner once told me that he was giving up his very successful practice on Capitol Hill to stay home and build up something smaller here in Loudoun.
I said, by way of chit-chat cliche, "Blessed are those who know how much is enough” – to which he responded in all seriousness, “Yes…and damned are those who don’t.”

This set me to thinking. Of course: if you don't know how much is enough, whether of money, praise, sex, public acclamation, power, election and re-election, then you don’t, won’t, can’t know when to stop. I’ve seen many careers, families, marriages, lives wrecked by people who didn’t know when to ease up, when to relax, didn’t know how much was enough.

An accurate translation of Jesus' teaching His Followers "Be ye not anxious” is “Don’t be hyper, don’t let yourself be up-tight.” Let us pray for His wisdom to protect us from our own foolishness.