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May 2013

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Church of Our Saviour
P.O. Box 1237
Leesburg, VA 20177-1237
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Where we meet

20340 James Monroe Hwy
Leesburg, VA 20175
Sunday Services - 8 & 9:30am

Coming Events in our Busy Parish

Rogation Sunday May 5th, at 9:30: a special observance based on the Book of Common Prayer pages 175-177 and the Rogationtide propers given on prefatory pages xxiv-xxv - see our Parish calendar for May 5-8. Just as on autumn's Thanksgiving Day we give thanks for the completed harvest, so it's appropriate that on spring's Rogation Days we pray for a successful growing season ahead: both services should be offered and kept, as we do here.

Saturday, May 11, from 9 to 3: Rummage/Plant/Bake/Jumble/ Yard Sale in our Parish Hall and churchyard. To help set up, or during the sale, or tidying up afterward, or all of the above, please call Criselda Bell or Mary Jo Rigby. Thank you very much. All unsold items will go to local charities. Please bring your donations asap for the time-consuming tasks of sorting and pricing.

Sunday, May 12, at 9:30: Covenant Renewal Service from the Book of Common Prayer pages 283-395 - as a Prayer Book Parish we rejoice to enjoy its rich variety of worship and instruction - we benefit from being reminded of what we say we believe, and what it means - there is always more to learn.
WhitSunday, May 19th, from Acts chapter two, often called Pentecost or (colloquially) the Birthday of the Church, so there may be a birthday cake?
Sunday, June 2nd: our Annual General Meeting and Election of Vestry Members will be held in the church following the 9:30 service. Members may suggest candidates for two full three-year terms to the Nominating Committee of Dan Bell, Charlie Rigby or Liz Wall.
Flag Day and Independence Day will be observed patriotically on the Sundays before those important events, on June 9th and June 30th.


Our Rector Search Committee has been busy sending out detailed questionnaires to priests who've applied here, assessing their answers, sending members to visit their parishes to see the fruits of the recent labors, and then inviting a selected few of them here for worship, informal social gatherings with our Vestry, and formal interviews. We are not advertising these visits because they have current jobs and word that they're interviewing with us would not be helpful to those positions.


Rob Noyes continues to improve our Parish web-site with new sermons and essays at www.oursaviouroatlands.org - once there, click on the headings across the top and then their subheads for additional information. He welcomes ideas and photographs.

Ed, Gail and Virginia Paige Feddeman have retired. They lucked out by buying near a faithful parish, though they bought first and found the parish afterward - if you plan to move, please let me know where you have in mind and I'll research parishes nearby which you can make the center of the area where you house-hunt. There are lots of houses but few faithful parishes, so start with your priorities right.