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November-December 2016

Upcoming Events

Christmas Services
Saturday, Dec 24, 2016 - 5 & 9 pm
Sunday, Dec 25, 2016 - 10 am
Sunday January 1, 2017 - Services @ 8 & 9.30 (Lessons and Carols)

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Church of Our Saviour
P.O. Box 1237
Leesburg, VA 20177-1237
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Where we meet

20340 James Monroe Hwy
Leesburg, VA 20175
Sunday Services - 8 & 9:30am

November-December 2016

What’s Going on in the Anglican Communion?

The Church of Our Saviour is now a member of the Reformed Episcopal Church and is part of the Diocese of The Central States. The REC has roots going back to 1873 when it split from The Episcopal Church.

REC is also a member of the Anglican Communion in North America. Presiding Bishop Royal Grote described REC as a “subjurisdiction” of the ACNA. This means that REC has its own episcopal structure, while at the same time ceding certain authority to ACNA – such as the need for ACNA approval in electing REC bishops.

REC and ACNA have also participated in GAFCON which is a fellowship of orthodox Anglican Churches around the globe, united by a common history and common beliefs.

Its goal is to bring reconciliation between its 28 provinces (there are 38 in the Anglican Communion) and the see of Canterbury (in particular). “In the wake of that, the Anglican Communion will be truly regenerated according to the principles of the Bible and in the power of the Holy Spirit who alone can bring the Word of God to life.”

Recently, the Chairman of GAFCON, The Most Revd Nicholas D. Okoh said this: “I believe we see victory in our spiritual battle for a faithful Church when the orthodox are willing not only to stand, but also to stand together as we experienced in Cairo despite many cultural and historical differences.” 

He went on to say: “Many of us were therefore deeply disturbed that the Presiding Bishop of the American Episcopal Church (TEC), Michael Curry, was a prominent member of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s delegation in Rome, despite the fact that the Canterbury meeting of Primates in January this year had resolved that, among other things, TEC should not be involved in representing the Anglican Communion in ecumenical or interfaith relations.”

This was the case because of TEC’s continued practice of normalizing same gender relationships.
Despite the ban, TEC sent representatives with the Archbishop of Canterbury to Rome, in violation of the discipline imposed on TEC at a January meeting in Canterbury of Anglican Primates

He continued, “It is increasingly clear that the Church of England is becoming the place where pressure for compromise has become most intense and I am encouraged that 88 evangelical Anglicans leaders from varied backgrounds have come together this month to sign an open letter to the English House of Bishops calling on them ‘not to depart from the apostolic inheritance with which they have been entrusted’. Please join with me in praying for these leaders in the Church of England, the Mother Church of our Communion, asking for them to have courage and unity at this critical time.”

Generous Giving:

2 Corinthians 8:7 “But just as you abound in everything, in faith and utterance and knowledge and in all earnestness and in the love we inspired in you, see that you abound in this gracious work (giving) also.”

We all have much to give thanks for. As a church, we now occupy a beautiful new building, and we have been provided with the financial means to do so; we have affiliated with the Reformed Episcopal Church, and we have enjoyed having several new individuals and families join our church.

Please do consider prayerfully and carefully your pledge to our operating and building funds. We will be sending out Pledge Forms in the next few weeks. We would like to have all pledges in by November 27 (Advent Sunday).

Thanksgiving Service

We will celebrate the Lord’s Supper on Thursday, November 24 at 10 am.

Christmas Schedule

The Pageant will be on December 18,
Christmas Eve Services will be Saturday evening, December 24 at 5 & 9 pm.
On Christmas Day (Sunday, December 25) we will have 1 service at 10 am.
There will be no nursery or Sunday School that day. January 1 will be Lessons and Carols.