The Sunday School at Church of Our Saviour meets during the 9:30 service and is offered to all children ages 0-12.

All participating students gather in the main church building with their families until withdrawing to the Parish Hall after the opening hymn. After the service, parents join their children in the Parish Hall for refreshments. 

  • Children ages 0 – 3 are provided care in our nursery with Bible stories, songs, and structured play. Our caretakers use every opportunity to foster love and knowledge of our Lord Jesus, joining the older students at certain points for collective worship. 
  • Children ages 4 – 12 are invited to participate in a service that follows the Morning Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer. Together we sing hymns and canticles, join in prayer and responsive readings, and study the Scriptures and Christian doctrine. We use the Bible Story Book and associated texts from Aelfred Rex Publications to guide our study of God’s word. With its precise language, preservation of biblical detail, and beautifully engraved illustrations, this curriculum is well-suited to build scriptural literacy and to cultivate wonder. Various memorization projects, crafts, and activities reinforce the lesson until the children are joined by their families at the Farmhouse after the 9:30 service.

Our Sunday School seeks to build an intellectual understanding of the Bible in our younger parishioners as well as to cultivate in each heart a love for our Lord Jesus. Thus, all our pedagogies and liturgies aim to shape lives of devotion to Christ. By investing in the Christian education of our parishioners, we do our part to fulfill the call of Christ to make disciples of all nations—and of all ages. We invite your family to join us!